Vision, Mission and Programs

Our Vision

To strengthen our position as a leading, innovative, and solid tourism company, systematically providing travel solutions for youth travelers of different age groups.

We regard travel solutions as the delivery of an integral servicecomprised of packages that include airline tickets, hotel accommodations and meals, transportation or car rentals, access to important sights, and travel insurance. We also strive to deliver timely communication, clear and accurate information regarding your travel, as well as assistance in the processing of the required travel documents.


Our Mission

We aim to accumulate travelers who receive, enjoy, and recommend our Specialized Tour Programs.
The principles that guide our actions are: Marketing, Quality, and Communication.

Marketing at TUR-VEN Asesores is represented by the existing coherence in the correct designof our products, leading to a successful business by offering fair, reasonable, and competitive prices, as well as an excellent and personalized service, and providing consistent training to our travel advisors and the appropriate support in promoting our services to target audiences.

Quality at TUR-VEN Asesores is represented by the dedicated advice of our experts, the selection of the best destinations, allowing for the realization of our customers’ desired activities and the fulfillment of the offerings made to the tourist, achieving the ultimate goal of our travelers: total satisfaction.

Communication at TUR-VEN Asesores is represented by our Automated Information System, which provides an accurate and timely schedule of our different tours and helps builda strong bond andeffective communication between customers and business key players.

Programs & Products

As a way to better organize our operations, TUR-VEN Asesores has adjusted its products to the new trends of today’s increasingly demanding market. Therefore, these have been grouped in the following Programs: Travel and Tours for Quinceaneras, Travel for Teens, Mediterranean Cruises for Quinceaneras, and Graduation Trips to Cancun and Punta Cana. In summary, we specialize in group travels for teens.

1. Travel and Tours for Quinceaneras, exploring the most visited cities in Europe (9 countries) and closing with a cruise trip through the Greek islands and Turkey (11 countries).
2. Travel for Teens and Quinceaneras to Europe (11 countries), with the same travel itinerary as the Tour for Quinceaneras, but in a mixed group.
3. Travel and Tours forQuinceaneras to Europe from America, joining the group traveling from Venezuela in a first departure to explore Europe together.
4. Travel forQuinceaneras to the USA and the Caribbean, visiting Miami, with one week on a cruise and continuing to Orlando and Disney World.
5. Graduation Trips to Cancun or Punta Cana, a week of enjoyment and sharing with school friends.