Why TUR-VEN Asesores?

See the world this summer!

Summer is a time for discovery and freedom. We want to accompany you on this journey. New people, activities, and places… an adventure you will never forget. Explore the planet and join us at TUR-VEN.

  • We believe that safety, success, and fun should be the focus of our trips. We truly believe that this is the trip for you! We encourage our teen travelers to make new friends, facing new challenges, and making the best of this summer!
  • We believe that teamwork, friendship, and trustare the foundations of a person’s character. During these trips, learning, teaching, overcoming obstacles without the parents, coaches or teachers will encourage adolescents to be more resistant, more independent, and stronger.
  • We believe that the cultures and ecosystems we visit should be preserved. We are not only interested in exploring museums and monuments, but also in learning from the customs of these countries, their history, their ingenuity, their vision and also, why not, from their cuisine and entertainment.
  • We believe that summer is a time to live and dream big time. When you travel to interesting places with your new friends, TUR-VEN will see to it that you open your hearts and minds. You will somehow experience the conquests and defeats you have read about in so many books.
  • We believe that it is our responsibility to offer programs that are safe and designed to be efficient and punctual, inspiring young travelers for future trips, with programs that are met as designed, always accompanied by our coaches.
  • We believe in our Chaperones, who are there to accompany and support you, to learn, have fun, and motivate you. Spending time together with a crowd of friends, day after day, is a growth experience,strengtheninginterpersonal bonds and building responsibility.
  • We believe that during our travels, teens become more mature, broaden their perspectives, develop their leadership abilities, and when they return to their homes, they will say, “It was awesome!”. At the end of this trip, they will have learned lots of thingsand will feel more determined and stronger; they will have learned the importance of laughter and sharing and the meaning of compassion, patience, and commitment.

Summer with TUR-VEN is living the dream. . .we hope you join us!