TUR-VEN is a wholesale tourism company, specialized in Travel and Tours for Quinceaneras, Travel forTeens, and Graduation Trips to Cancun and Punta Cana.For over 55 years, TUR-VEN has been a leading tour and travel company offering tours for girls celebrating their “sweet 15”, and demonstrating responsibility and efficiency through its continued acceptance. TUR-VEN has developed strategic alliances and entered into exclusivity agreements with renowned international tour & travel service suppliers to provide our young travelers with interesting destinations and fun activities, thus delivering a unique and unforgettable travel experience.  

About Us

Luís Tomé
Director (Founder).
Stefano Tomé
Patricia Tomé de Frank


Maritza Reyes: General Manager

Angela Olivero: Accountant

Sinthia Rodriguez: Travel Advisor

Elizabeth Guevara: Travel Advisor

Promotion& Sales:
Elena Jahn de Armas
Maria Mercedes de Romero
Carolina Soto de Jahn
Matilde Mendoza de Senior
Silvia Basó de Colmenares
Mary Rojas de Moser
Sonia Trivella de Galavis
Isa Sifontes
Isabel Carvallo
Marisela Carvallo de Machado
Patricia Castillo
Andreina Godoy
Ingrid Ruehr
Valeria Valera
Maria Romero
Veronica Gomez
Patricia Ross
Gisela Delgado
Patricia Weill
Martha Caprioli
Tatiana Ferris
Rosaura Pinto